• Airstrong 15HP 300L 415V Screw Compressor KSAMT15HP

Airstrong 15HP 300L 415V Screw Compressor KSAMT15HP

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The variable frequency starting mode has greatly reduced the impact that the compressor starting has on the power grid as well as the mechanical parts, which would not harm the electric equipments.

When the screw machine is in stable operation, there is a constant relation between the rotation speed of rotor and the power grid frequency, and there is no slip ratio.

If the frequency of power grid remains the same, and then in stable operation, the rotation speed of synchronous motor is constant and is not related to the load.

Permanent magnet synchronous screw air compressor, in most working conditions, the variable frequency system works under the limit speed.

So that the mechanical noise and abrasion of the main engine are lowered, thus extending the maintenance and service life.

Product Specifications
Additional Description "Motor Horsepower : 15HP Power : 415V Displacement : 1.53/0.80(m3/min) Discharge : 1.32/1.0 Pressure : 1.1/1.25Mpa Noise : 60±dBA Receiver Cap : 300L Dimension (LxWxH) : 1350 x 700 x 1560 Weight : 330KG"